Finding Native Fish Species With A Fishing Trip Into The Backcountry

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Finding Native Fish Species With A Fishing Trip Into The Backcountry

20 March 2023
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Flyfishing is a skill that not everyone interested in fishing learns but is an excellent way to catch fish in places where you may not find them using traditional methods. Fly fishing trips often involve taking some time to get to areas less traveled and where native species can be found and are a little more challenging to catch, but may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you will remember for years to come. 

Fly Fishing

When you take up fly fishing, the first thing you need to consider is the equipment necessary for this type of fishing. Fly rods are long and flexible, allowing you to cast the fly out over the water and move it in a smooth motion, mimicking how insects react. 

The goal is to bring the fish to the water's surface, not put the lure under it. The technique can take some practice, but when a big trout breaks the surface, grabs the fly, and starts running with it, the feeling can be very satisfying. Many people that try fly fishing and get good at it prefer it to regular fishing because it is more challenging and pits you against the fish. 

For anyone new to fly fishing, taking a fly fishing trip into less populated areas often means larger fish that are more challenging to catch, and a great way to relax, find your balance, and get in tune with nature. If you are unsure where to go, you can choose guided fly fishing trips that can get you to the fish, provide campsites, and help you develop your fishing skills with a knowledgeable guide who is familiar with the area. 

Hiking And Fishing

Some of the best fly fishing locations are in backcountry areas that are not accessible by car, so hiking in may be the only option. These locations are perfect for a fly fishing trip that spans a weekend or longer, and you can carry the gear you need with you, fish while you are there, then hike back out at the end of the weekend. 

It is vital to remember areas like these are often hard to find, so taking a guide with you that knows where they are going is probably a good idea. There may also be more wildlife around, so camping in the right area and storing your catch in airtight containers may be necessary to keep animals out of your camp. 

Your guide can help you with the details, and take you to the best rivers, lakes, and streams for catching native fish during your fly fishing trip if you like. Guided fly fishing trips may take you to a new fishing location daily, or you could stay on one lake all week. The choice is up to you, but discuss the options with your guide before you set out to ensure you have everything you need for the trip.