What To Expect When You Ride On The Royal Gorge Train

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What To Expect When You Ride On The Royal Gorge Train

5 January 2022
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The Royal Gorge may not be quite as well known as the Grand Canyon, but it is nearly as magnificent. Formed by the Arkansas River, it's about 6 miles long, running west from Canon City, Colorado. There are lots of things to see and do along the gorge, but one of the most popular attractions is the Royal Gorge train, which runs along tracks the length of the gorge. If you're thinking about riding on this train, here are some details worth knowing.

The train has a dining car and bathroom

Years ago, it was common for trains to have dining cars so that passengers could enjoy a meal during longer rides. The train that runs along the Royal Gorge keeps with this old tradition. In fact, you can choose to take a lunch or dinner ride on the train. On these rides, you are served a meal from a full menu as you ride along. Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are typically also available on-board.

There are also bathrooms on-board the Royal Gorge train, so you won't have to ask the engineer to make a pit stop!

You'll see plenty along the route

The key attraction along the route is, of course, the Royal Gorge itself. The train will get pretty close to the gorge at a few different spots, which means you'll truly get a sense of how deep and rocky the gorge is. But you'll also see a few things in addition to the gorge. There's a pretty impressive suspension bridge that you'll ride past at one point. The train also passes through some quaint towns, where you can admire the old-fashioned architecture. And of course, you'll pass through some forested sections where the trees are a key attraction.

Tickets come at various price points

The Royal Gorge train really is intended to be an inclusive experience for all. As such, you can buy train tickets at a range of price points. If you're on a tight budget, then riding the lunch train is often the most affordable option. If you have a little more to spend, opt for the dinner train. There are coach class and executive class ticket options, which further adds to the range of prices.

When you ride the Royal Gorge train, be prepared to look down in awe. The gorge itself is a thing of beauty, and riding alongside it is a nice way to experience this.